Mortgage for any home

Favourable credit conditions for the purchase of housing in the primary and secondary market


Maximum loan amount

1.5 billion sums

Credit rate

from 24%

Loan term

up to 15 years

Down payment

from 15 %
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Documents required
  • Passport or ID card

  • Sale and Purchase Agreement

The loan is granted to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan aged between 18 and 60 with official employment.

Methods of loan repayment


Send to number 2500

At the bank

In bank offices

From card

Via JOYDA mobile application

Download JOYDA

What's the purpose of the

This application has an introductory function to determine the creditworthiness of the payer and is not an offer contract. By completing the application, you will receive a preliminary decision from the bank on the issue of the mortgage.

Batafsil shartlar
  • Loan conditions
  • Requirements for the borrower
  • Documents required
Basic information

Purpose of the loan:

acquisition of any type of property in the primary and secondary markets

Maximum loan amount:

1 500 000 000 sums

Down payment:

not less than 15% (of the cost of the property)

Payment schedule:

annuity or differentiated method (at the customer's request)


Loan term: up to 7 years;

Grace period (if different): up to 3 months;


Loan term: up to 10 years;

Grace period (at differential): up to 8 months;


Loan term: up to 15 years;

Grace period (at differential): up to 18 months

Additional conditions

- Mortgage loans are not granted for the purchase of properties with debts, arrests and other encumbrances;

- It is not allowed to buy and sell houses between close relatives. Family ties between the borrower, co-borrower and seller are also taken into account;

- After a positive decision on the mortgage loan, the customer makes an initial payment to the savings deposit in the national currency "Garantiya-3", and after the property to be purchased under the loan is secured, it is transferred to the corresponding account of the seller;

- in cases where the down payment is transferred by the borrower directly to the account of the contracting organisation (for an apartment in the primary market), a document confirming the transfer of the funds is attached;

- in the primary market, the pledge can be made before the building is put into use. Once the cadastral documents for the property purchased with the loan have been drawn up, the loan guarantee is exchanged for a mortgage;

Special conditions

- Individuals who are registered as self-employed and who have made a down payment of at least 30 per cent may be granted a mortgage loan, taking into account their expenses for bank card transactions, rent, utilities and other expenses not prohibited by law. In this case, the borrower's debt burden is assessed on the basis of an average monthly income and expenditure statement approved by the self-employed person (except for mortgage loans granted on the basis of a subsidy notice).


Mortgage agreement

Yuklab olish
  • The borrower - a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan who has reached the age of 18 and is not older than 60 on the day of the loan application;
  • Debt burden of all issued loans together with guarantee obligations does not exceed 70% of the average monthly income;
  • No overdue debts on previous loans and other obligations;
  • Continuous and uninterrupted income for at least the last 4 months;
  • Insurance contract and policy issued for the entire duration of the loan;
  • Documentation of income (electronic data received by the bank officer through the Crobs programme).

List of documents accepted from the borrower/co-borrower:
  • Passport or identity card. If a military ID card is presented, a copy of the passport must also be shown;
  • Income / electronic data (can be obtained through the Bank's electronic programme);
  • Self-employment certificate (if required);
  • Contract of sale of the property;
  • Cadastre and title deeds (for dwellings for which a cadastral certificate has been issued);
  • Relevant building permit, approved design and budget document, surveyor's report (for dwellings that have not been commissioned and do not have a cadastral document);
  • Report from an independent valuation organisation on the valuation of the mortgaged property (if required).
  • Other documents specified in the legislation may also be required.

Additional loan costs:
  • Expenses for the services of a notary for the purchase and sale of the property;
  • Land registry fees for the registration of ownership;
  • Home insurance.

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